The Wait

The Wait, From August 2002 until August 12, 2009 I waited, for a page, a call, an email... In the end, I was in ICU for the 12th time, and had Just finished Lunch and my first Acrilic Painting of the week when they told me they had a possible heart and were doing a Catherization to make sure it was a strong heart.

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The Transplant

I remember being completly relaxed, putting my life in Gods hands and ... I woke up the next morning at 9:00 am, feeling great, and wondering... did they realy do it? I started noticing the tubes, wires, the dressing on my chest, and oh,, yea, the Resperator tube in my throut. The curtain moved and one of my favorite nurses said glad your awake, we will be removing that tube in a few minuites.

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Post Transplant

Post Transplant - The Learning Process, in the Hospital, while at the Motel, and later at home. What to do, when to do it, and how often do I need a catherization?

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Interests Developed while waiting and Post Transplant.

New interests – developed Include Mended Hearts, Photography, Oil and Acrylic Painting, You Tube Videos, Jib Jab videos, and Green Screen Wizard.

Once I had my heart transplant the Post –transplant coordinator suggested a support group, I signed up with the Orlando Mended Hearts Chapter, from the Hotel room in Gainesville (I had to stay close to the hospital for the first month). And then assisted Terry Swearingen to Start the Mended Hearts of Osceola ( I am currently President and enjoying the Monthly Support meetings, Internet Visiting, and in Hospital visiting program. The chapter has developed, a website (recently upgraded to WordPress, a Facebook page, and a couple of youtube videos.

I started oil painting with some Michaels Craft Store Bob Ross Painting Classes. Once in the Cycle of ICU and Home IV I found switching to Acrylic paints for the ICU, (they discourage use of turpentine in the ICU). Some Examples are shown in my Paintings Albums.

While I had switched to point and shoot digital camera, I received my first DSLR for my 64th Birthday. I have joined the Osceola County Camera Club (O2C). I have learned a lot and found the fellowship a great opportunity.

I have had a long term interest in event photography for the local ISM affiliate, ISM-Central Florida ( and even tried a crude effort in green screen processing. When I started t attending the Mended Heats Convention ( I tried bringing a 4 x 6 background. The following year I found the Green Screen Wizard ( found a great way of providing aa variety of backgrounds for the events. I can insert the background, include a frame or a title. I will add a photo from each shoot to the photography album (