4 Pack Protective Neoprene Pouch Set for DSLR Camera Lens

Black 4 Pack Protectivet Neoprene Pouch Set for DSLR Camera Lens

This set of 4 Neoprene Pouches protects your small, medium, large, and extra large DSLR Camera Lens at 19.99 plus Prime Shipping it represents a 50% discount.

The Pouches optionally can be purchased as a set of 4, set of 3, or individually. The Pouches are 3.94 inches in diameter and in 4 lengths; 3.15 in, 5.51 in, 7.09 in, and 8.66 in.

The Neoprene pouches protect the lens from weather, shock and scratching. The belt loops and quick clips allow you to attach and carry the lens.

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